Sunday, June 13, 2010

Someone posted this on Facebook ...

A woman posted the following comment on the Facebook "cause" page entitled "REMOVE "f**k Jesus Christ" in Facebook this is antichrist, and its hurting us Christians":
Well Who Ever Came Up With This You Had Better Believe There Going To HELL The Crap That People Come Up With Anymore Are So Unintelligent,I Love My God & His Holy Son Jesus Christ,God Bless You All That Do Believe In A Higher Power :) :) :) :)
So, yeah, I'm a snob, but I just have to shake my head when someone derides another person's "intelligence" using English like that. Just saying.

Update, October 21 ...

Listen—suddenly tonight I'm seeing this differently. In fact it's amazing that a person with literacy skills as fundamentally deficient as that can publish her opinions to a global audience. That she can even use the Internet is a testament to the general usability of browsers, social networking sites, and so forth. Four months later I am reading this with a great deal of respect. What happened?